Here are simple steps to take as we prepare for Winter at WFL Real Estate:

1) Winterize your lawn irrigation.

2) Shut off any exterior water faucets.

3) Order or pick up Calcium Chloride and ensure your snow plow company is ready for winter snow.

4) Check your lighting time clocks to confirm correct time and adjust for upcoming time change.

5) Have your boiler or furnace serviced for proper operation and lock into oil or gas fixed pricing now, if you have not already.

6) Make sure your chimney is clean and serviced over the last 2 years.

7) Always make sure your life and safety items, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers are up to date.

These are the type of pro-active items that WFL will handle for your property.  Contact us with questions and WFL will guide you to the proper procedure.