Under our subsidiary company – Advantage Maintenance Services, LLC – a wholly owned division of WFL Real Estate we can provide superb janitorial services. We do not sub-contract this service to outsiders as some other janitorial companies practice. Therefore every team member is part of our network and part of the overall strategy to create, a full service real estate company. We make on-site inspections to always maintain your satisfaction and make corrective action where necessary. We have supervisors that monitor and communicate to our team members to ensure our facilities are clean and something to be proud of.

Advantage Maintenance team members currently clean approximately 820,000 square feet of office and retail spaces. The Company provides additional services like carpet cleaning, VCT cleaning, window cleaning and many other cleaning services that are necessary to keep our clients happy.

Again we have proven track record and provide several references for this service. This is another way that we can SAVE money for an owner by providing quality services and lower prices than our competitors