Utility Savings and Green Energy Sources

Our vast portfolio of diverse properties enables us to package utility costs due to deregulation of these items to ensure that each property gets extensive savings. We have the ability to save up to 20- 25 % for large utility users of gas, oil and electric.

WFL has extensive knowledge of solar, turbine and other new secondary energy sources. We have relationships with Professionals who provide these services that can maximize rebates and government assistance for the implementation of these services. In most cases these enhancements will add value to the property and save energy usage at the same time.

We promote the usage of energy efficient light bulbs, LED fixtures, and motion sensors. WFL has in-depth knowledge of where to place sensors, timers and the most efficient wattage of florescent bulbs to fully increase savings in labor costs and energy.

Project Management

WFL has completed many projects in our portfolio with preferred pricing and on schedule. We have many years of experience and knowledge for replacing roof systems, boilers, interior upgrades, masonry work, siding, asphalt driveways and any other large project that might be necessary for your residential property.

Financial Reporting

Our financial reports are completed on the latest version of Yardi Property Management Software. With state of the art computer skills, we can tailor any report to suit the needs of your property.

Our monthly reporting package is easy to follow and provides a complete analysis of the residential property’s activities during the period in question. It is guaranteed to be accurate, complete and submitted within the time frame allotted in the management agreement. The monthly report will have an income register, expense register, bank reconciliation and many other details to show how the income and expenses were derived in a given month. The reports are useful tools for your accountants and make their job easier.


We are extremely familiar with today’s technology for HVAC systems, security devices, fire alarm systems and preventative maintenance tracking.

WFL utilizes only the most adaptive software to facilitate preventative maintenance, purchase orders, inventories and maintenance requests.

WFL is a company equipped to change with industry standards to stay on the leading edge of the 21st century.

Education / Associations

WFL views education as a key essential trait of a successful residential property service company. All of our property managers have earned college degrees and have many years of real estate experience.

We require our residential property managers to be involved with leading commercial real estate associations through the BOMA, REFA and Community Interest Associations locally. This ensures us complete professionalism and enhanced skills in dealing with today’s issues. We are always striving to be the best.