WFL is well versed in adding curb appeal to a property, just ask many of our clients!  Let’s start with the parking lot. We always strive to maintain and ensure there are no tripping hazards. We look to stripe lines as needed and seal coat so that asphalt looks fresh.  We like to add flowers and perennials at entrances, to achieve an inviting appearance.  We believe in LED lighting to save on electrical costs, maintenance and safety.  This applies to the parking lot and common areas of a building.  Now, moving into the interior, the lobby and common areas matter.  We like to paint, change ceiling tiles and add art work to make the lobby attractive to tenants and visitors.  We like electronic directories and automatic door locks so that we can change items and or requests from our office.  These items keep the building safe for all occupants, and cameras are utilized as much as possible.


Now that we have covered aesthetics, it is a good idea to look at the mechanicals of your property.  HVAC is important factor for tenant comfort and to save on operating costs.  The systems should have a reliable HVAC Contractor to ensure preventive maintenance is performed as needed, time set for actual usage with proper setbacks and Building Management Systems (BMS) to trouble shoot / adjust easily when needed.  New Hydroxyl fans or Ionization technologies can be added to HVAC Systems and eliminate germs in the ductwork.  We are seeing more clients utilize this.  Lighting should be controlled  with setbacks to save on electric costs. WFL is always thinking of new ideas to stay “Green” for our clients.  We utilize many motion detectors for stairwells, restrooms and mechanical rooms where lights can be left on.  The elevator is great tool and resource for a building.  This needs to be properly serviced and maintained for reliable service for the occupants.  Water consumption is always important and WFL is pro-active in fixing leaks ASAP, using sensors for all bathroom fixtures / faucets and monitoring the irrigation system.  A complete “hands on approach” along with proper inspections of your property will cover all the aforementioned items.


The last item of note is building services and janitorial, which became even more important as we confronted The Covid-19 Virus.  Advantage Maintenance is a sister-company of WFL that cleans many of the office buildings and common areas in our portfolio. Extra time and attention were deployed on nightly cleanings, and special germ destroying products were utilized on all high-touch surfaces. In many cases, these extra services were performed for our clients at no extra charge as we wanted to keep our clients’ buildings as safe as possible.


WFL will always stay pro-active and on the cutting edge of current events and technology.  That is a company goal and we follow it closely.  If you are a prospective client, please give us a call and we can recommend ideas to your property to enhance it and keep it safe.